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Free Education

19 Nov

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The battle against the rise in fees has exploded into the political imaginary of the student body, This shift in consciousness allows us to reclaim the soil from which learning is shared and knowledge is stored.

Reclaim the space for learning and allow education to be free.

lets permeate the cracks emerging from the neo-liberalism enveloping in the HE institutions to see what formations we can produce from the ruins that lay before us.

Students should not be passive consumers of knowledge but instead active participants in a grander scheme.

‘debt neutralises critical thinking, disciplining students into efficient components of the consumer economy’. Noam Chomsky


AAC at Unruly Engagements Ohio: abandoned public space

5 Nov

We have landed in Ohio, we have scouted the public spaces and private walkways, and soon we will be presenting.

On Sat  9-11.30am UTC (so 14.00pm-16.30pm GMT i think)

‘Just Say No’ : Alternative Strategies to Art Education

Co Authored by Mary O’Neill and Paul Stewart

Conference Programme:

We will share the images from the presentation soon, but here are some holiday snaps of ‘public spaces’ completely deserted.

IMG_1253 IMG_1255 IMG_1258 IMG_1259 IMG_1261 IMG_1263 IMG_1264 IMG_1266 IMG_1268 IMG_1270 IMG_1272 IMG_1275

How to begin? A reflective encounter

26 Oct


How to begin? At a chosen moment in a vacant country house (mill, abbey, church or castle) not too far from the City of London, we shall foment a kind of cultural “jam session”: out of this will evolve the prototype of our spontaneous university.” Alexander Trocchi, 1964

Paul Stewart and Mary O’Neill Will be presenting a collaborative paper at the Unruly Engagements conference in Cleveland (Cleveland Institute of Arts) around how we navigate alternative strategies to art education. this is a reflective encounter of the roles played by student and lecturer in response to the emergence of the alternative art college in 2011.

more information of the conference here:

We will share extracts from the paper and responses after the conference.




Making walls move

13 Aug



(Inter (Trans) discipline)

Conversation and Critique                  developing collaborative reviews accepting that evaluation is temporal

Consistent communication                 Transparency in research and practice

Openness/ Shifts in thinking             Developing crisis into the practice

Project driven agendas                       conditions/context/idea


Time, pace, space, context


Evaluation, re-evaluation, non-hierarchical engagement process, allow discussion and critique.

Learning approaches first need to consider its placement and environment, is it appropriate in public or private spaces , is a common or civic sphere needed and if so how is it created. This research element will devise how digital public space can be claimed as a common space to produce agency, discursive discussion and collaboration. The common is the shared history of displacement, the development of a digital commons can be seen as the production of an ongoing architectural structure.

Peer Lead discussion groups?

Evaluation as a stage in the process not the end point this allows for it to consistently evolve. To conclude is to continue.

Agency of engagements <> Value <> Reflection <> Conditions 

Audience’s Agency?

How directed is or should be the audiences engagement with their environment, what dictates the engagement process, space/place/theme/order?

How to create space for something to happen or not happen?

At any point it is important to accept failure as equal to or in some case greater than success.

Initial questions

How important is the notion of play?

What are the conditions (or context) for learning?

What is the value in content?


What levels of democratised participation does the projects endeavor to achieve?

Face to face exchange?

How do values manifest in learning experiences?

The bearings of space on your work, what could you do digitally that you can not do physically?

Image 8 Aug

AAC Interview Art Zip download

18 Jun

We have made a PDF download available of the article here >>> LINK <<<

Do check out the full issue links to this are available here >>>LINK<<<

Knowledge should be priceless Art Zip interview with Paul Stewart on the AAC

16 Jun

Art Zip have published a 7 page article on the Alternative Art College and an interview with Paul Stewart, this is part of an issue dedicated to looking into alternative learning and issues in HE in both the UK ad China..

Read the full interview here


article clipping


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