direct notes on Learn to Act

These are the phrases and notations made from the morning session for the broader AAC community.

Learn to act.
opening address: eco-nomadic school
education taking place elsewhere: political struggles and civic life
Diverse pedagogy rather than alternative to reduce contrast.
Learning elsewhere: art practice and pedagogy.

Knowledge relations
hegemonic a heterogeneous sources to form the programme.
Mouffe – agonise and agitate
Learning about ones self instead of a topic. As a school??
freire – class consciousness – emancipation?? representing accessibility, internationalism as less exclusive
heterogeneity of sources of knowledge.

different forms of specialisation
mutual support
gimmicks… the examples are anecdotal, action in space and context a happening a doing right now.

I am more interested in the next 5 minutes than the next 5 years

in the world? what world? commitment and respect
Thomas Hishorns model UN – reductive to take real politics to symbolic representations of politics
nomadic being an appropriated term

Travel is an ableist term and privilege

Ruth Morrow
civic pedagogies in critical contexts
Civic Conversations – Denis Stewart

moving beyond the gaze – attentive and attending it not only knowing it but being concerned with it.

Sporadic attendance


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