The Alternative Art College is a pragmatic HE protest; experimenting the f*ck out of learning. free education!

The Alternative Art College (AAC) is as a response to the current educational system in the UK. Its aims are to question aspects of learning aimed to produce consumers of knowledge rather than participators in a grander scheme. The rational is to collaborate ideas of learning about art with learning with art. It is through above and over the structures of neoliberalism that the tensions between art and capital can be addressed. It is to get all peers in the network to partake and allow themselves to become agents in a public political sphere. Why is Higher education something that is only financially accessible?

The School is nomadic and sporadic, it is based on a collective wanting to form a space of negotiation and sharing of ideas and practices that it becomes a space. It has existed as a three- month long school, one day events and in the digital as skype and slack pages. It is a peer network that forms when there is a need and an urgency otherwise it lays dormant on its blog platform as a resource and archive.

Contemporary art created from and for different localities but immediately involved with the swirl of global information, communication, and displacement can become an efficient means to resistance, interruption and deconstruction of the established, dominant, hegemonic power of global capitalism and its Ideology.

The alternative art college sees learning as not just a process for capital gain and a career

but the avenue for social change questioning of the world around us.

Learning with and of art is a tension with capital and its our prerogative to highlight this tension

Knowledge is priceless and by reclaiming our learning the AAC is attempting to activate a network with urgency.

Knowledge should be priceless.




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