Documentation of Events

All of the lectures, seminars and workshops will be documented here. the photo gallery will encapsulate all of the events and each video will be up here as well.

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Holding Knowledge Hostage: Paul Stewart and James Ellison

John Plowman

Joss Winn – Social Science Centre

Laura Mahoney Talk


Live Art Event

Rules and regulations 17th March (Raw footage)

Mike Neary – Student as Producer 14th March 2011

Documentation of this event is under construction.

Mary O’Neill – Art as Protest Protest as Art 7th March 2011

Archive list

AAC Present: Holding Knowledge Hostage. Low Lives Commission. (Paul Stewart and James Ellison) 6pm-10pm (New York Time) 11pm – 3am (London Time). Live Performance and Stream.  47 Lewisham Way, New Cross, Defacing Milton Friedman: Capitalism and (Un) Freedom –  3rd March 2012

ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES TO EDUCATION, ART AND LEARNING, Alan Armstrong, John Plowman, Prof Mike Neary and Derek Horton – The Collection Lincoln 17th May 2011

Art House Festival Kind Bar Lincoln – 7th April 2011 7pm

John Plowman – Manifesta 8, the European Bienniel of Contemporary Art held in Murcia, – April 2011 5th 1.30pm Campus 4- 160 West parade

BendintheRiver Presents – BITR Project, Visual Dilusions – Frank Kent – X Church Gainsborough – Sat 2nd April 2011 2-5pm
Paul Stewart – Speed Date Knowledge/ Discussion on Alternative routes for education 1st April 2011 5.30pm campus 2

Joss Winn – The Social Science Centre (Lincoln): a new model for higher and co-operative education – 4pm 24th March 2011. campus 3

Laura Mahoney – 23rd March 2011 1pm-3pm campus 2

The Beacon Project – 18th march 2011

Ang Bartram – elective network Performance event – 17th March 2011 1pm-3pm

Mike Neary – Student As Producer – 5.30pm 14th March 2011

Mary O’Niell – Art as Protest/ Protest as Art – 2pm-4pm Weds 9th March 2011

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