Situation Unit @mima

This is a collaborative series of commissions between the Alternative Art College (Paul Stewart), mima and artists/academics/practioners/activists to use the entire site with a specific aim to produce or reconfigure knowledge production or learning in regards to art or the local area.

It is a day of interventions or a series of installations, a moment of rupture. It could be a post conceptual archive.

This project focuses on producing a space that has the ability to reclaim learning as a strategic tactic to influence the commodity aspects of knowledge exchange.
It will instramentalise art practice to produce a site that focuses solely on the ability to exchange and unlearn preconceptions of social and political forms through artistic tools. The space will be a site to demonstrate labor as well as hold artistic interventions that reconfigure the financial hierarchy and issues with accelarationist policy in attempting to reclaim time to learn and to streak time.

The site will turned into a multi-functional installation creating spaces of use and no-use.
Renegotiating the territory of aesthetics and its relation to the ethical. A post-conceptual artist’s lead archive.
This is a collaborative art investigation looking at how to form antagonistic work that is able to
produce aesthetic commitments to ideological positions. A series of events being planned for mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art) in 2015.


John Reardon

Harold Offeh

Hannah Kemp-Welch

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