Making walls move



(Inter (Trans) discipline)

Conversation and Critique                  developing collaborative reviews accepting that evaluation is temporal

Consistent communication                 Transparency in research and practice

Openness/ Shifts in thinking             Developing crisis into the practice

Project driven agendas                       conditions/context/idea


Time, pace, space, context


Evaluation, re-evaluation, non-hierarchical engagement process, allow discussion and critique.

Learning approaches first need to consider its placement and environment, is it appropriate in public or private spaces , is a common or civic sphere needed and if so how is it created. This research element will devise how digital public space can be claimed as a common space to produce agency, discursive discussion and collaboration. The common is the shared history of displacement, the development of a digital commons can be seen as the production of an ongoing architectural structure.

Peer Lead discussion groups?

Evaluation as a stage in the process not the end point this allows for it to consistently evolve. To conclude is to continue.

Agency of engagements <> Value <> Reflection <> Conditions 

Audience’s Agency?

How directed is or should be the audiences engagement with their environment, what dictates the engagement process, space/place/theme/order?

How to create space for something to happen or not happen?

At any point it is important to accept failure as equal to or in some case greater than success.

Initial questions

How important is the notion of play?

What are the conditions (or context) for learning?

What is the value in content?


What levels of democratised participation does the projects endeavor to achieve?

Face to face exchange?

How do values manifest in learning experiences?

The bearings of space on your work, what could you do digitally that you can not do physically?


AAC Interview Art Zip download

We have made a PDF download available of the article here >>> LINK <<<

Do check out the full issue links to this are available here >>>LINK<<<

Knowledge should be priceless Art Zip interview with Paul Stewart on the AAC

Art Zip have published a 7 page article on the Alternative Art College and an interview with Paul Stewart, this is part of an issue dedicated to looking into alternative learning and issues in HE in both the UK ad China..

Read the full interview here


article clipping

Students For Cooperation Founding Conference

Guild of Students, University of Birmingham

February 14, 2014 at 11:00am until February 16, 2014 at 5:00pm

Students For Co-operation is a new national federation of student co-ops. Join us for our first conference in the University of Birmingham Guild of Students for a jam packed agenda of workshops, debates and a chance to meet students from across the country who are involved in the fledgling student co-op movement!

If you are planning on attending (and if you click attending on the Facebook event) please fill out this google form: which will help us arrange transport and accomm…odation for the weekend.

The conference will have in depth sessions on starting co-operatives, liberation, consensus, lobbying and even a bicycle tour of South Birmingham and a visit to local eco homes. Sessions will be participatory and will be led by experienced campaigners and co-op members from organisations including:
– Seeds For Change
– People and Planet
– Radical Routes
– Suma Wholefoods
– The Co-operative group
– Veggies Catering Campaign
– NASCO (North American Organisation of Student Co-operatives)
Affordable food by Veggies Catering Campaign
Free entry to all students and members of student co-ops. Free accommodation will also be available.

We are able to subsidise costs of travel for people attending the conference and will be running a travel pool to help equalise costs for those travelling from far away (so if your coming from Aberdeen you’ll only have to fork out the average travel cost for all attendees – including those coming who are from Birmingham)

For more information and the full three day agenda check out our wikipage at

This conference has been made possible with support from the Phone and Broadband Co-operative ( who have funded the conference and Co-operative Education Trust Scotland ( who are supporting travel for Scottish students

Agenda for Conference


11am:5pm – Financial Literacy Course

6pm:7.30pm – How to set up a co-op (and what they even are in the first place)
8pm:11pm – Friday Night Dinner and Social at 996 Pershore Road
Saturday 15th

8.45am – 9.30am: Breakfast

9.30am – 10.15am: Introductory session – informal entrance session – some sort of game or something –
10.30am – 11am: Plenary
11am – 12.45pm: Workshops Session 1
Consensus – (Seeds For Change)
Learning about liberation session – (Roshni Joshni, Ruskin College SU & ??) – confirmed needs travel and description
Dealing with your university/students union – (People and Planet) – confirmed needs travel and description
Practical workshop: how to feed the masses (Veggies Catering Campaign)
12.45pm – 1.30pm: Lunch

1.30pm – 2pm: Black Students Caucus
2pm – 3.45pm: Visits
Bike tour of south birmingham co-ops

Car trip to redditch co-operative homes and factory
3.45pm – 4.15pm: Break

4.15pm – 6pm: Workshops Session 2
Consensus (Seeds For Change)
Learning about liberation session – (Roshni Joshni Ruskin College SU & ??) confirmed needs travel and description
Dealing with your university/students union – (People and Planet) confirmed needs travel and description
Practical workshop: how to feed the masses (Veggies Catering Campaign)
6pm – 7pm: Keynote speaker Representative from NASCO (North American Student Co-op Federation)Introduced by Vivian Woodell (Phone Co-op CEO)

7pm – 8.15pm: Dinner
8.15pm – 9.30pm: Documentary Film Festival
9.30pm – 11pm Social

Sunday 16th

8.45am – 9.30am: Breakfast

9.30am – 10am: Womens Caucus
10am – 11.15am Academic seminars
Spanish Civil War – Chris Richardson
Marxism/Autonimism and Co-operatives – Darcy Luke and Elio Di Muccio
Academic esoteric session on finance/ legislation for co-ops (tara mulqueen?)
Community Energy – (Campaigns Manager at The Co-operative Group) – needs description
Post crash Economics: why co-operatives are the future – Nick Matthews and Jack Copley
11.15am – 11.30am: teabreak

11.30am – 12am: LGBTQ Caucus
12am – 1.15pm: Students For Co-operation General Meeting
1.15pm – 2pm: Lunch + Openspace
2pm – 2.30pm: Disabled Caucus
2.30pm – 4.15pm: How to start a co-operatives:
Food Co-ops – How they work by Bob Cannell (Suma Foods) and Lizzie Fellows (Leeds Bread Co-op) – confirmed needs travel and description
Bike Co-ops and other retail co-ops – Green Bike Project & Shrub
Housing Co-ops – Rosie Evered + NASCO Speaker + Carl Taylor from BCHS
4.15pm – 5pm: and finish

Reading Group reminder

Where: G3, Laurie Grove Baths, New Cross which is:

New Cross and New Cross Gate stations (zone 2), on the main rail network and London Overground.

On major bus routes including 21, 36, 53, 136, 171, 172, 177, 225, 321, 343, 436, 453.

If your are interested please contact us and we will add you to the mailing lists.

The first book will be The Intellectual Life of the British Working Classes by Jonathan Rose.

Meeting 1: 7th November 2013, 7 pm

readings here:
Contact: James jamesrrellison(at)

Brand revolution: undeserved underclass

“I’ll tell you what it won’t be like,” said Brand in a moment of clarity, “a huge disparity between rich and poor, where 300 Americans have the same amount of wealth as the 85 million poorest Americans, where there is an exploited and underserved underclass that are being continually ignored and where welfare is slashed while Cameron and Osborne go to court to defend the rights of bankers to continue to receive their bonuses. This has to be addressed.”