Education As Experiment

AAC “Retrospective”: Education as a Experiment.

The ‘retrospective’  is a reflective event/symposium discussing education from within the walls of one of the education factories itself, Goldsmiths.

The event will be in direct conversation with the ‘HE education System’ addressing everything from teaching methods to the UCAS point scoring system.

THE DATE: 17th May 2012 10pm – 6pm THE PLACE: Goldsmiths College London

The event will include a selection of lectures, seminars and a common assembly to discuss, pedagogy, art and all things related to education.

The outcome of this day event will be archived in to an exhibition that will tour  as well as a publication.


This is an Experiment, this is an Art project, this is the Alternative Art College.

 ArtLysArt Rabbi London Arts Quarter

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