The Human Centipede (UFSO) Power to Sussex Occupiers

UFSO  It must be broken down then reconstituted to allow the frictionless extraction of profit. Anything superfluous, like, say, a philosophy department, unless it can be marshaled as market differentiation, is burnt off in the process. Scorched earth is the standard policy of those whose tactics are calculated by cost/benefit analysis. If the riots taught us anything, it is that fighting fire with fire remains a viable option.

Noam Chomsky


AAC Retrospective Date Set.

Following previous posts discussing the ‘retrospective’ , which is a reflective event/symposium discussing education from within the walls of one of the education factories itself, Goldsmiths.

The event will be in direct conversation with the ‘HE education System’ addressing everything from teaching methods to the UCAS point scoring system.

THE DATE: 17th May 2012 10pm – 6pm

THE PLACE: Goldsmiths College London

The open call deadline is still open and will be until the 30th March so if you are interested in putting forward a proposal for the event email us at

All application details can be found on the Open Call page on this site.