Today the University of Lincoln is one of the latest to release its tuition fees.


Now it is the time, more than ever, to keep what we have here with the AAC and make it stronger.

The next few years are going to be very Interesting.

The framework and processes we have achieved already and will continue to create will soon manifest into something self supportive and even more worth while. In these times we have to show commitment and direction for our own future.

We are not in opposition to the current establishment but we are defiantly an alternative option.

Knowledge is Priceless

The Long Summer Break… The AAC Next

We have been racking our heads for the last few weeks on forms of structure for the AAC and also where it will be based as of the coming academic year.

we have decided that whatever the structure for the college is it will be lucid, transparent and available for change. We dont just want to form something that is going to end up not adearing to even our own philosophy. Below is a brief and not yet concrete outline, (its all available to change).

We will develop a team who will over see events , admin and all other miscelaneous and teadious tasks. This team will meet thortnightly to discuss items.

But this won’t stop it being a co-oprative as once a month we will have open discussions that everyone and anyone can attend and everyone has an equal input at these meetings.

Hopefully over the latter part of the summer events will start again a summer school esk style before the next academic year. Then we should hopefully hit the ground running as we did before and continue to have a system that releases any financial or bourgeois predijudces on education.

there will be a clear structure identifing two core fields of the college. one being art action the other political practice. After each event we will have follow up sessions and debates on the topics brought up.  

Things will be set up soon watch this space for me info!



Undergraduate British Artists Blog

AAC have been posted also there are some brilliant undergrads as well

Check the site out

The event has passed…

Thank you to everyone who attended and of course to John Plowman for discussing the Bieniall Manifesta 8.

It was a brilliant disscusion and the documentation will be up by tomorrow for people who either missed it or want to see it again.

Also the powerpoint from the talk will also be available to.


If you want to keep involved over the coming months we have a discussion board so feel free to comment on the online forum.