The deadline has passed

Thank you to all of those who have applied we will be going through the proposals and will release the short-list by the 10th April 



All proposals for the Open Call need to be ‘sign, sealed and delivered’ (to Quote Mr Wonder) by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT

ALL Details will be found on the Open Call Page :

Remember it is a proposal to take part in a symposium day discussing education.


WHEN: 17th MAY

Higher prices for fewer places

Most universities in England are going to have fewer places to offer students this year, as the funding changes in higher education are implemented.

The Higher Education Funding Council for England suggests that about three out of four universities could reduce places – some by more than 10%.

OPEN CALL only Two Days Left !!

All proposals need to be in by midnight on the 30th March so hurry if you want to get yours in!

Remember it is an experiment with education, pedagogy and consumer styles towards knowledge.

Date 17th MAy 10am-6pm

We have already had some really interesting proposals

We can’t wait to celebrate  the 1st year of the AAC  with this, hopefully,insightful event.



Site/Fringe project presents, ‘On The Edge’

A group of six students from Goldsmiths College who are doing a project on the 2012 Olympic Games in collaboration with the Museum of London as part of our MA in Art and Politics. The focus of our project is to analyze how these games are affecting London communities, mainly those located close to the Olympic site. We want to know how the process of gentrification is affecting residents in their day-to-day life, as well as their impressions of the Olympic Games as a whole. We are also comparing the current situation with other similar past situations, such as the gentrification process that took place in the Docklands area in order to, hopefully, raise interesting questions about how things have changed since then, if they have at all.

Any questions email:

You want Students to pay Council tax on top of 9k a year

In The Telegraph yesterday if you didn’t see the article the link is at the bottom of this post.

Eric Pickles strikes again along with support from the one party that originally want Students to not even have to pay fees let alone council tax!

At a meeting between Government ministers and local government leaders, a senior Liberal Democrat indicated that councils should be free to charge students council tax.

Occupy Criticism, Occupy Spring by Talib Agape Fuegoverde Occupy Criticism, Occupy Spring by Talib Agape Fuegoverde

Critics responding to a crisis in criticism: this is indeed familiar territory in recent years, especially in light of debates about contemporaneity, globalization, and the market: who or what is the public for contemporary art? What are the economic conditions and complicities of contemporary art relative to global capitalism and its crises? How can we arrive at critical judgements when strong narratives for aesthetic quality and political engagement appear to be exhausted?