29th June—4th August ’13

An exhibition including archival printed matter, video and original artworks from three radical pedagogical activities of the late 60s; The Anti-University, The Hornsey Sit-in and Alexander Trocchi’s sigma project, with new contributions from Adelita Husni-Bey & Park McArthur, Jakob Jakobsen, Sarah Pierce and Olivia Plender & Patrick Staff.

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In Solidarity Warwick Occupation


On Friday 14th June a collective of over twenty students took direct action by occupying Warwick University’s council chamber to hold a meeting of indefinite length. This action has been taken to voice resistance toward the marketisation of higher education and the detrimental effects this has upon the university as community. Usually excluded from decision making spaces, students have reclaimed this council chamber to bring the fight to the symbolic heart of the university’s administration.

AAC, In Solidarity.

Class War University

anti-capitalist, decolonial, anti-authoritarian movements on the terrain of universities and beyond.

“Revolutionary Study against & beyond the University”
Summary: An interview with, Jennifer, a militant student-worker in Seattle on: revolutionary study groups with the Black Orchid Collective, organizing against union bureaucracy and non-profit recuperation, & creating a solidarity network across the university for worker, student, and community control.

Antiuniversity of London

The Antiuniversity of London was a short lived and intense experiment into self organised education and communal living that took off at 49 Rivington Street in Shoreditch in February 1968. The Antiuniversity was at its core an experimental process that brought together different fields of theory and practice as part of the desire to open up an unstable space between revolutionary politics, experimental art and radical psychiatry.


Why did the bear dissolve in water?

Because it was polar. Castoriadis, when critiquing Hobbes, suggests that the institution’s main form of fear is that of death, not the fear of murder but that everything it is justified to be would dissolve.

Recording of Talk from London Conference in Critical Thought

Paul Stewart and James Ellison present Learning to Resit; on the universities ruins,

Thank you to Joyce Canaan and everyone else involved in the Higher Education in Crisis Stream.

Are tutors the pimps of the edu-factory, allowing people to solicit radical knowledge as a vice? As the university lies in ruins how will the next generation learn to resist?

It is permanently located at documentation of events

Are Tutors the Pimps – LCCT

“Are Tutors the pimps of the edu-factory, allowing people to solicit radical knowledge as a vice? “

Notes from James and Paul to be posted shortly as well as a audio recording of the discussion.