The Alternative Art College will be relaunching in London as off December in co-op with Space:Performance. Its all in the process of formatting and planning at present but once items are set, decided and concrete you will be first to know, keep looking out for updates and changes to the sit over the next couple of months as a proper syllabus is being written.

Student as producer Guardian Article

The restructuring (or destruction) of higher education in England and Wales fails to confront the core problem that lies at the heart of academic life: the dysfunctionality between teaching and research. As any academic will tell you, the two main activities in a lecturer’s job, research and teaching, work against each other.

Universities, we are told, must be more amenable to the undergraduate student experience but no lecturer has a successful academic career if they spend most of their time teaching: a successful academic career is based almost exclusively on research. You will find more commitment to teaching quality in higher education institutions now than there was 10 years ago but teaching is still the poor relation.