If we prevent at least one child accepting lollipops of Michael Gove it will all be worth it…

For all of you who are at university, going to go to university or just want to think outside of the system then you need this from the UFSO;



University is all about turning tricks, anyway. Isn’t it? Is it? Should it be? Partly? Is the knowledge brothel really safer than the street corner? Anyway, we don’t hate the university. In fact, we are some of its biggest fans, which is why we want it to stop being a dick. Or a pissing contest. Or a madame, a pimp. A prophylactic against wage slavery maybe. Anyway, anyway, welcome, welcome, friends, foes, strangers and even strangerers, to the radical – so radical it’s fucking bodacious – student handbook for students, etc….

You need the Student Hand Job, click the link below to bet the best Hand Job (Pardon the pun) your academic eyes have ever seen.


http://studenthandjob.wordpress.com/print-a-handjob/ Print Version

http://studenthandjob.wordpress.com/handjob-online/ Online Version