Ship’s Log; Manoa Free University. The archive of what was 2002 – 2008


Ship’s Log

Manoa Free University
Among a mass of others that stay in the realm of anonymity, the following persons have contributed pieces to this ShipsLog – Wiki in the last 18 months:

Saul Albert, Daniel Aschwanden, Kristina Ask, Elke Auer, Mareijke Bernien, Ascan Breuer, Lottie Child,
Eva Egermann, Oliver Gemballa, Maren Grimm, Philipp Haupt, Friederike Heller, Moira Hille, Christian
Hillesoe, Jackie Inhalt, Jakob Jakobsen, Wolfgang Konrad, Katharina Lampert, Christina Linortner,
Ralo Mayer, Felix Meyer, Markus Nowak, Olof Olson, Kaj Osteroth, Johannes Raether, Kathrin Sonntag,
Esther Straganz, Christina Töpfner, Julia Wieger, Jo Zahn, Christoph Ziegler
… And individuals from some of the following contexts: Abteilung für Produktentwicklung und Analytik,
Copenhagen Free University, Freie Klasse Berlin, Informelle Universität in Gründung, La Loko, University
of Openess
… At the following places: Bangkok, Berlin, Halle/Saale, Hamburg, Kopenhagen, London, Paliano, ,
Paris, Wien, and others
… On the following servers:,

We call for everybody to establish their own free universities in their homes or in the workplace, in the square or in the wilderness. All power to the free universities of the future. —The Free U Resistance Committee of June 18, 2011.

The Copenhagen Free University was an attempt to reinvigorate the emancipatory aspect of research and learning, in the midst of an ongoing economization of all knowledge production in society. Seeing how education and research were being subsumed into an industry structured by a corporate way of thinking, we intended to bring the idea of the university back to life. By life, we mean the messy life people live within the contradictions of capitalism. We wanted to reconnect knowledge production, learning and skill sharing to the everyday within a self-organized institutional framework of a free university.