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You can download the final two audio’s which can be found on this post,

MIke Neary and Sarah Ansler

Anna Maria Amato

Downloadable Audio files from E as E

you can also find the complete set permanently on the E as E page

1. Joel Colover, Vicky Habermehl & Andre Pusey (ex ROU) University as territory: an exploratory mapping workshop into the terrain of education. 59.39
2. Evan Ifekoya and Yasmin Lorentz Politicised Space & Accountability 35.58
3. Knitted Jungle Collective 41.48
4. John Plowman AAC Reading Group (performance) 47.15

Documentation of E as E

3 of the 7 audio clips are uploaded for your listening pleasure.


The following 4 will be uploaded over the next day


REMEMBER they are free to download and share.

Education as Experiment Documentation

Hello All

Documentation is being uploaded to the AAC main site check it out,

Sound Bites can be found at  Education as Experiment Page or on the Events Archive

All Audio’s  are downloadable and free!!

We will have sound bites from

Former ROU, Yas/ Evan, Knitted Jungle, John Plowman

All Videos will be up soon as well.

Carrot Collective: Training for exploitation? Towards an alternative curriculum, Down Load and Spread the word

Mainstream curriculum in schools, universities, academies and colleges trains us to become exploited cultural workers. Yet many lecturers, teachers and students out there are working to resist this and create alternatives.

What we all need is an anti-precarity alternative education curriculum!

After months of research, meetings and debates, the Precarious Workers Brigade have finally put together a resource pack:

Training for exploitation? Towards an alternative curriculum

for use by students, teachers and cultural workers to address free and precarious labour in the arts, design, education and the creative industries.