A threat to universities?


Emily Pringle, Tate’s head of learning practice and research policy, says “it would not be a great leap” for the museum to provide something akin to an art school programme. “It is really troubling to us who’s in a position to be studying art,” she says. “There’s a question whether big cultural organisations like Tate or the Barbican could themselves provide a space where [emerging artists] could come together in the way that Open School East works.”

The Guardian p38 today have talked about the threat of ‘Alternatives’ towards HE institutions. their main example was the Open School East which the Alternative Art College has recently written a segment on:  https://alternativeartcollege.co.uk/2013/09/27/open-school-east-a-radical-curriculum/

I think the AAC is very aware that the space was creating a radical curriculum but not quite a radical pedagogy, It is important to point out that the former library space, the Open School East occupies, is commissioned and funded by the Barbican and Create London. The project is also supported by the Legacy Trust UK and the London Borough of Hackney.  Take that as you will.

OSE is a great example of a space that can emerge from the system as well as mirror the system, is it a threat to universities? Is it even an ‘alternative’? recuperation at its most affluent maybe the answer.