AAC “Retrospective”: Education as a Experiment.

Sometime between now and June a one day event will be taking place within a space in London (to be disclosed later).

The event will include a selection of lectures, seminars and a common assembly to discuss, pedagogy, art and all things related to education.

The outcome of this day event will be archived in to an exhibition that will tour  as well as a publication.

This is an open call for proposals for either suggestions for discussions or lecture/seminars that you would like to propose. They will happen in conjunction with other events throughout that day.

If you wish to make a proposal please send a description (no longer than 500 words), including: a description of the work; duration; how the works discuss education; form; and if the work proposed has been presented before.

Optional: CV

No Fee.

Email this to: aacretrospective.edu@gmail.com

DEADLINE: 30th March

This is an Experiment, this is an Art project, this is the Alternative Art College.

Isn’t it evident?

An independent commission has been set up to examine the impact of increased tuition fees in England.

A panel led by the writer and Oxford University principal Will Hutton will work closely with the university admissions body Ucas.

It says it will look especially at the effect of higher fees on young people from low and middle income backgrounds.



In context, isn’t it obvious that an increase in cost will create a negative response?

A metaphor comes to mind that has the words Kicking, whilst and down within it.

Start of new Co-op swap shop in Norwich…


If you are in or around the Norwich area you need this,

It is always good to see something that focuses on the community rather than what money it can make.

The Future of Education…

Talk at the Whitechapel Gallery


FEB 16th Speakers incl Mark Fisher (Author of Capitalist Realism). Worth a look.


If we prevent at least one child accepting lollipops of Michael Gove it will all be worth it…

For all of you who are at university, going to go to university or just want to think outside of the system then you need this from the UFSO;



University is all about turning tricks, anyway. Isn’t it? Is it? Should it be? Partly? Is the knowledge brothel really safer than the street corner? Anyway, we don’t hate the university. In fact, we are some of its biggest fans, which is why we want it to stop being a dick. Or a pissing contest. Or a madame, a pimp. A prophylactic against wage slavery maybe. Anyway, anyway, welcome, welcome, friends, foes, strangers and even strangerers, to the radical – so radical it’s fucking bodacious – student handbook for students, etc….

You need the Student Hand Job, click the link below to bet the best Hand Job (Pardon the pun) your academic eyes have ever seen.


http://studenthandjob.wordpress.com/print-a-handjob/ Print Version

http://studenthandjob.wordpress.com/handjob-online/ Online Version