Isn’t it evident?

An independent commission has been set up to examine the impact of increased tuition fees in England.

A panel led by the writer and Oxford University principal Will Hutton will work closely with the university admissions body Ucas.

It says it will look especially at the effect of higher fees on young people from low and middle income backgrounds.


In context, isn’t it obvious that an increase in cost will create a negative response?

A metaphor comes to mind that has the words Kicking, whilst and down within it.

One thought on “Isn’t it evident?

  1. Has he seen ‘Educating Rita’ – (1983)
    When David Willetts says that its great that 18 yr olds are still applying in huge numbers, but just over rides the fact that mature student applications are down considerably, is this just another confirmation that recent governments consider ‘bettering oneself’ after some valuable life experience is no longer worth upholding? The majority of 18yr olds do NOT know what they want to do and any supported opportunity to consider HE later in life after getting ones hands dirty has got to be encouraged.

    “I’m off ter’ pit now, aye mi fatha n his fatha av all bin in’t pit, an mah lad e’l be doin same…….cos wi know nowt else”.

    Eroding an ingrained mindset within an household allows aspiration emerge and that starts not with the child, but the people they look up to, the parents – if they can be seen to do it, then so will the next generation and that’s how to get education to the more disadvantaged areas of society, through providing supported systems of opportunity across all age ranges.

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