The aggressive criminalisation of a student body

“Today, 2nd April 2013, around noon time, hundreds of police, arriving in full gear and in some 15 police vans, assisted bailiffs and private security guards in evicting Sussex students from the occupation on their own campus.”


The police far outnumbered the protesters who occupied peacefully but yet were removed by brute force, the occupiers continued to resist and chant up on the 4th floor, others gathered outside to show support (both students and academics) but the 30/40 strong were nothing compared to the long arm of the law.

What is the outcome of this? Well it is a pure demonstration of the bullish police in action attempting to intimidate the passionate and bright voices of those who have joined together in solidarity.

This is an extreme and brutal demonstration of the level a institution will go to, even against their own students and staff. rather than conversation or a legitimate address to their students but instead to criminalize them and their activities, to isolate and victimize them.

Sussex should not be silenced, we will not be silenced,


Together in Solidarity.

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