Time to consider what we have done

This last week we have reelected a Tory government but this time a Tory government with a majority. what does this mean other than … shit.

firstly the snoopers charter is going to criminalize any form of communication that cannot be read by the state, on the ground that means our privacy has gone and we are now unable to have a conversation digitally without a third party being present. in context its like having sex with someone constantly commenting or observing your movements. we will maintain a education system that segregates the arts and only funds STEM as the route to success. We will see more people below the poverty line, benefits slashed, council tenants evicted and continued use of zero hour contracts.

there is much more than this, but as a start I think its about time we stopped and did something, its time to fight back, its time to revolt, its time to make real change not superficial efforts that maintain. Maybe this can only be done with flight with a complete abandonment of the system in attempt to create something new, something that actually benefits the many not just the few.