Situation Unit Commissions @mima

mima this Summer

Across the summer of 2015 three artists have been commissioned to question the gallery as a site for learning through artistic practice. Using their practice they will produce a site that focuses solely on the ability to exchange and unlearn preconceptions of social and political forms through artistic tools.

The blog site will archive the interventions produced by the artists and turned into a multi-functional installation creating spaces of use and no-use. Find out more.

Artists Commissioned

John Reardon (May 2015) – John Reardon is resident artist in the Politics department at Goldsmiths College where he co-convenes an MA in Art & Politics. Reardon makes single and co-authored work, work under a shared name or title, as well as anonymous work.

Harold Offeh (July 2015) – Harold Offeh’s work encompasses a range of approaches including performance, participation, video and photography. He often employs humour as a means to confront the viewer with aspects of contemporary culture.

Hannah Kemp Welch (Sept 2015) – Hannah’s practice centres around performative interventions using sound. Playing with tech, though always lo-fi, DIY, and with a sense of humour. Mainly investigating personal and social interactions when listening or experimenting with sound.