[Home Session] Carlin, Leddington and Price. Today, Barcelona




Maurice Carlin, Gary Leddington and David Price


Thursday, February 9, 2012 – 19:30




Cháchara describes itself as “a talk at a given place and time”. Homesession is glad to be this given place and to receive, with Cháchara’s organizers, three British artists on Thursday, February 9: Maurice CarlinGary Leddington and David Price share an evening with us, just at the beginning of their residency at La Escocesa, to talk about their interests.

Like in every Cháchara, we invite people to share things that don’t relate with their practice at all (or maybe they do) and we’ll spend the evening eating delicious quiches.

Thursday, February 9 2012. 7:30 PM. C/ Poeta Cabanyes 68 bajos, Barcelona.
See event on facebook.

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