AACollege@LLOccupy; Time change March 3rd

Slight change in time as we have been alerted that the event will run in New York Time, instead of starting at 6pm it will be 11pm, the event will finish at 3am.

For those of you who are attending the event/performance our slot on the live stream will be between 11pm and 12pm so those who need to get public transport (Overground) still can. 

Holding Knowledge Hostage, come for an evening of live streamed performances from Brazil, US, Canada, Spain and more. Also our live performance that will;

  •  Seize Friedman’s literature from London Libraries and hold it hostage. Preferably, we will détourn the books by doodling anti-capitalist slogans in them.
  • The space we will be occupying will be within Goldsmiths college, London. The 5 minute live stream will involve us recreating a hostage scenario with the books.
  • It will be spontaneous and evolve through interactions with the audience in the space
March 3rd
11pm- 3am
47 Lewisham way, Goldsmiths College.
New Cross


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