University courses ‘may close’ if student visas cut

cut funding increase fees and the cut educational visa’s good job tories….

Several universities have warned they may be forced to close science and engineering courses if the government limits visas for foreign students.Sixteen university vice-chancellors have written a joint letter to the observer saying the plans would have a profound effect on university income.They want Home Secretary

Theresa May to drop a proposal to restrict visas.She wants to raise the English language requirement and make it harder for people to come to the UK.

The coalition government has committed itself to reducing net migration from 196,000 to the “tens of thousands” by 2015.

Now that it effects two of the STEM subjects they take notice- what about the non existent funding for Art and Humanities?

Art House Festival @ KIND Bar 7th April – Study Trip


From 7pm on the 7th April the first art house festival event will happen at KIND BAR.


Videos from artists, film makers, designers and of all genres.

if you want to submit a video as well for the event please send a short description of the piece to:


deadline for application: 31st March


Website: (this will be live by mid week)