Employability in regards to the Alternative Art College

The rationale behind the idea of the Alternative Art College (AAC) is to show that you can gain the same if not a better understanding of a topic than you could if you were to pay £9,000 to study at an education institution. The AAC are against anything that appears to support wage slavery, what is meant by this is any system that has not got a scheme that supports equal wage to equal input.

Our aims are to develop an intellectual capacity on a subject through seminars, events and workshops that support the passion and interest of the student.

AAC stand for much more than just an alternative way of learning but also a protest against the government’s consumer based style on knowledge. Why do they feel the need to make it something that is only financially accessible, knowledge should be priceless.  Know when it comes to employability it’s about taking those assets that have been gained in the events  set up to then further develop the individuals knowledge of that area.

Employability is a term that refers to someone gaining employment and maintaining it, now this doesn’t take in to account that the employer doesn’t have systems in place that this knowledge that was mentioned earlier can be furthered. It is crucial to most systems that the employees understanding of an area is in relation to the outcome.

To touch on the aspect of moving from education to employment firstly it needs to be noted that from the perspective of the employer (as a capitalist regime) is effected mainly by two issues financial gain and product-ability. this is why it becomes difficult when moving from the environment of the institution to the different landscape of the employment world. this is where if you are willing to work for free in the form of intern-ships companies will automatically focus on those so its about finding a way to get to the area you want but at the same time protecting yourself. its a two way street.

This isn’t just at companies but also at institutions that the basics are supplied to fulfil the criteria and is then up to the accord of the consumer to do as they wish with it. What the AAC want to show is that it is possible to gain this ‘further’ insight in a free capacity. Also it is crucial that we find a way of taking out the aspect of students and employees being seen as consumers and buying in to a product instead of equal intellectuals developing there knowledge.

To paraphrase Walter Benjamin, a man makes shoes for another’s needs rather than needs of his own. It’s about finding a point where we can be part of a system but get equal participation in response.

The Art House Festival – Study Trip 7.4.11


The website is up so have a look at the, short list of films that will be played.

It will be at kind bar before break your socks from 7pm – 10pm

If you want to enter a fim contact them via the website or email: info@arthousefestival.co.uk

The event itself is the most contemporary short film festival Lincoln has to offer, it will run monthly and  showcase the best movie/film/direction/production talents Lincoln and further a field has to offer.