The event has passed


Joss Winn’s Disscusion has passed with great success.

A brilliant report on ITV Calender News, but the next step is to keep the momentum going.

The next set of talks and events will be uploaded soon once a timetable has been planned

The link to the itv piece is under AAC Press

Once again the government knows how to contradict themselves

“There’s so much value in going to university. It’s not just about the money – it’s a life changing experience,” she said. This quote from … is massively contradicting of the increase in fees in its’ initial essence.


If there is so much value in going to university then why would you put up the fees in the first place. wouldn’t it make more sense if it was so ‘life changing’ that everyone should have a free shot????

what I don’t understand and what I feel that the powers that be are ‘dilly dallying’ around like old women dancing round a handbag is the fact that it’s not about education, it’s not about making the system fairer, or even better but making sure there pockets are still laced with silk.

Also a crucial point to gather from this is that the system which will be in place by 2012 is just there to cover up the gaping hole that the cuts caused initially.

Yes we all understand that we have been told that we have to ‘pull together’ and that ‘times are hard for all of us’ but is it really that straight forward.

Is everyone equally paying for the mistakes of those at the top. This isn’t a rant to spark anarchy but to mearly question the idea that a person that is earning minimum wage in a council house that maybe taken away from them because it is only on short-term contacts whilst having their housing benefit cut and sure start centres disappearing from there communities so no reduced childcare. Are they really paying an equivalent amount to Mr pot of gold and no 1 im really rich hill who may have to decide wether to give up the jag or the porche.

The question I pose is … really?

BOOKING NOW FOR EMVAN Conference, Working Internationally 24th March at Nottingham Contemporary 10.30am – 6pm

Travel is not a goal in itself, but in the arts, working internationally is still seen as a sign of success.
What are the current opportunities, benefits and issues for artists and organisations working internationally?
Is international collaboration a strategy for survival and growth?

Join us for Working Internationally to explore a range of scales of practice – from the Biennial – to artist-led initiatives, through discussing:

•       Cultural exchange and building networks internationally
•       International collaboration
•       Accessing information and support
•       Sustainability – economic and environmental
•       Digital innovation as a tool to facilitate international working

Speakers include: Lewis Biggs, Director Liverpool Biennial, and Adam Knights, Arts Projects Manager at Visiting Arts.

Tickets are a snip at £5.00 including lunch. For a full programme and booking details go to:

Working Internationally has been developed by EMVAN, the East Midlands visual arts network.

For all you performance artists out there

this is one of the best non profit residencies ive seen for development in performance art if your interested check it out

THE First Study Trip – Beacon Project

Hi everybody,

Thanks to all who came as representatives of the AAC to this brilliant event.

the talks were superb and as equal to the hospitality

the images will be up in the slide show section of event documentation

the video will be up monday as i will be in london and the editing stuff is in lincoln so bear with me :)!


and all of you who want to be more involved within the AAC than you already are feel free to stay behind after that talk as we are having a round table disscusion about moving it to the next step

Knowledge is priceless.

Rules and Regulations live art event documentation uploaded

all the images taken and the raw footage is up on the event documentation page,

thanks for all the people who took part both as performers and viewers. it was a huge success.


23rd March Laura Mahoney 1pm campus 2 : 35 carholme road.

24th MAarch Joss winn social science centre Lincoln 4pm Venue