Education As Experiment 2 Days to go: Anna -Maria Amato / The Knitted Jungle Collective

Anna -Maria Amato

The workshop will involve people sharing their experiences of collaboration and examples of collaborated pieces. Then I will explain the methods of collaborating which I have designed:
1) The Fibonacci Code- a group collaborating, discovering the process of creating artwork as elements being combined, by getting into an order and doing the sequence with the entities of the artwork
2) When we rule the world- each group organises their collaboration in the style of a political movement: eg building on history, analysing present problems and contributing solutions, having elements which belong to the entire artwork and emit elements which belong to the whole piece.

The Knitted Jungle Collective

We are the Knitted Jungle Collective and would like to propose a workshop. We propose to run a skillshare, knitting circle and discussion group. The Knitted Jungle Collective is a loose collective of artists who are knitting a jungle. Using knitting and crochet as the impetus for coming together and talking about the world.

Macho Versus the Feminine

· – How does gender affect the way creative outcomes are valued?

· – How is this manifested and reinforced by the pedagogy and structure at art institutions?

We will create a space for people to learn/share how to knit and crochet whilst discussing relationship between craft, art and gender.
As the Knitted Jungle Collective there are lots of different things people can make, from trees and plants to animals and insects. We make up many of our own patterns and we would like to share and give people the confidence to do this for themselves. We encourage people to draw pictures of jungles and their inhabitants from which to make their own knitting patterns.
We would facilitate for all abilities. If someone has never knitted before, we will make sure that they know how by the end of the session and hopefully leave with a completed project. If they can’t finish it in the session we will endeavor to ensure they have all the skills and confidence they need to finish it at home. More experienced knitters can come and share their skills and give us tips while taking up the challenge of designing and knitting a piece of jungle.
Knitting and crochet circles create wonderful spaces for people to get together and talk. We use this space created as a platform to encourage people to explore political and social ideas together. Starting from the basis that everyone gains knowledge from experience and all knowledge is equal and valuable. Crafts such as knitting and crochet seem innately feminine and are traditionally female pursuits. We would aim to start a dialogue about how these crafts are culturally valued and what role Art institutions play in reinforcing this potential perpetuation of patriarchy.