Education as Experiment, Countdown day 8: John Plowman

The second of 8 posts to introduce Education as Experiment.

John Plowman

John Plowman is an international artist who, in his practice encompasses both studio and curatorial activity to explore his interest in the production of art, its site(s) of production and exhibition. Since 2004,with Nicola Streeten, they established the curatorial project, Beacon, which engages critically with urban cultural values within the context of presenting contemporary art in non-gallery spaces offering a new perspective on art practice through collaboration between artist, audience and institution.

The aim is to adapt and re-enact a performance I did in 2008 as part of my show entitled ‘The Reading Room’ with Handel Street projects in London. This will create an AAC reading group who will collaborate with me in reading selected texts from books arranged on three tables. each table having a separate discipline, Arts, Humanities and Science. As each page is read it is torn from the book and returned. The previous incarnation of this work resulted in a growing cacophony of sound, conflicting facts. Participants were able to join and leave at their own discretion.