Education as Experiment Countdown day 5: Joel Colover, Vicky Habermehl & Andre Pusey (ex ROU)

University as territory: an exploratory mapping workshop into the terrain of education. – Joel Colover, Vicky Habermehl & Andre Pusey

People connected to the recently disbanded group The Really Open University propose to run a workshop reflecting on various interventions and projects in and around the University. Through collectively constructing maps and layouts of the university and then overlaying with our points of interaction, we hope to assess the current terrain of education, whilst critically reflecting on our position in Leeds and experiences with the ROU as well as those of other participants in the workshop; we aim to discuss and create new methods, knowledge and tactics. Taking inspiration from similar groups attempts to map the university we want to invent new symbols to help us find the points of rupture, routes we have taken and lines of flight we wish to follow, moving beyond a position of simply wanting to save the university.