A step in the wrong direction

Exeter has become the first university outside the Russell Group to announce that it will charge the maximum £9,000 fee for a degree from next year, saying it will need the extra income to meet higher expectations from students.

Exeter, which follows Cambridge and Imperial College London in confirming plans to treble fees, also said it would offer fee waivers or bursaries for students from less well-off backgrounds. Ministers have said the maximum fee should only apply in “exceptional circumstances”.

David Allen, Exeter’s registrar and deputy chief executive, said: “By setting our fees at the £9,000 level we are able to continue to invest in the student experience, and spend a lot more money to bring in more people from less well-off backgrounds.

“We are talking about having more academic staff, improving the staff-student ratio, more contact hours. What we’re doing is to try and give the best possible experience to our students.”



this is what we need to show is how, if you step away from the capitalist model how it is possible to still have the same education capacities.


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