School leavers ‘need work skills and knowledge’ – the key to wage slavery?

The Government through Michael Gove MP are planning to enforce that work based skills are learnt at schools to make sure leavers fit straight in to the moulds pre made by the employer.

We have to take in to account that even if we ever did have a completely free education cost wise and opened the doors to everyone we might just find inside a bleak mess and not quite what we have anticipated. To make sure Learning is priceless we must also find a way of removing social forces such as ’employability’ , work skills and wage slavery.

“The call for more recognition of workplace skills was backed by Confederation of British Industry. Its chief policy director Katja Hall said: “Every school or college leaver needs the right skills, knowledge and attitude for success in today’s competitive workplace.

“But currently employers find that too many young people lack employability skills such as customer awareness, self-management and problem solving.” BBC News


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