The AAC Showing Support For the TUC March, March for the Alternative!


Some have gone to the march and some have not but its about showing unity in protest against the cuts and the system.


There are many ways of showing support to the protest even if you are not at the march.

Posting Stauses of support on social networking sites.

Writing letters to Local MPs

Banners, Posters hanging from houses

any way in which you feel necessary to show support.


BUT what we need to remember that is the protest will show initial intent for change. Now the important next step is taking the buzz from the march and putting it in to proactive directions showing options and other forms that can be a better alternative to the cuts.  They won’t Just listen to a protest as we have seen in the past we need to follow it up with other forms of protest. whether that be:

More Rallies

Alternative systems

Non – Profit Organisations


But most importantly proactive  ideas that can be taken seriously as an ALTERNATIVE.

we live in a democracy we SHOULD ALWAYS have an alternative.


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