Trouble in Utopia Private View:



The Private View is this Coming Friday 4th @ 6pm.

Exhibition runs 4-30 November

Closets Tube: Ealing Broadway (Central Line) 

Trouble in Utopia blurs the boundaries between the real and the artifice as a metaphor to resolve the distinction between the almost identical greek words Ou-topos (no place) and Eu-topos (good place).
The artworks themselves play with common use language and signs that are often found outside of the gallery space. Now situated in the OPEN Gallery they provide the viewer the opportunity to re-examine aspects of our social reality that have become accustomed as the furniture of our daily life.

 With special footage from the recent Ealing riots, OPEN’s first riot Mural painted at Baby-e that was badly damaged during the chaos and poetic performance by Big Virge.

Curated by Jack Jones and Sean Pearce

Artists: Big Virge, Jack Brindley Jack Jones, Claire Palfreyman, Sean Pearce, Paul Stewart, Mak Takahashi, Kris Thompson, Adam Vass