Tent City University and the struggle for alternatives. – Question of Alternatives – Link to Mike Neary’s talk at St Pauls


http://www.learnex.dmu.ac.uk/2011/11/10/a-teach-in-at-tent-city-university-and-the-struggle-for-alternatives/ – This a really interesting article written by Richard Hall  after a teach in at The Tent City University he was involved in.

On the question of alternatives. At Zuccotti Park on Sunday 9 October, Slavoj Žižek argued that “the taboo is broken, we do not live in the best possible world, [and so] we are allowed and obliged even to think about alternatives. There is a long road ahead, and soon we will have to address the truly difficult questions – questions not about what we do not want, but about what we DO want. What social organisation can replace the existing capitalism?” This is a process of overcoming the elite’s interpretive myths – of being-in-excess of their hegemony over us. Of living beyond their enclosure of our lives.

http://www.livescribe.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/LDApp.woa/wa/MLSOverviewPage?sid=PZ8CqlBrJ9r1 – Here is a Link to Prof Mike Neary’s talk at the University (Student as Producer)