Big Virge – Spoken Word Artist



I saw Virge’s work only briefly at an opening at a gallery in Ealing, If you haven’t heard or seen before its a definite tick in the check out box!

“Big Virge’s path to the Spoken Word, began in the late 90s, writing hiphop lyrics which led to journalistic endeavours reviewing the burgeoning London club scene for the free music magazine Cypher. During the day he worked at Entertainment UK, and discovered a passion and ability to voice opinions and views into rhyme. He could articulate his thoughts on anything, but he found a voice for politics, news and current affairs. Issues like global warming, terrorism, human rights and freedom of speech fed the fire of Virge’s passion – it was a conduit for venting his frustration on the issues of the modern world and its’ multitude of injustice.
Virge’s style is confrontational, direct and often outspoken. His words are delivered with such eloquence, and carried with a sting of clarity, he would say a characteristic he inherited from his mother, an ex-school teacher and psychiatric nurse. She died from a 16 year struggle with MS in 2004, in Virge’s arms. He had been her principal carer after his father left upon finding out about her illness.
Poetry was Virge’s way to channel the pain, managing to fight adversity with little respect. His candid, thought provoking style was a more natural way to tackle his struggles, and has roots in his musical and cultural loves. He cites everyone from Krs-One, Chuck D and Ray Charles to Fela Kuti, Gil Scott Heron, Maya Angelou, Big Youth and Muhammad Ali as influences, and you can see why. Political, outspoken and radical, this is the landscape that Virge thrives in.
In 2004, Virge started performing at the Poetry Café in Covent Garden, and has continued to perform at a variety of venues. He has appeared on the radio frequently and is currently working on several music-based projects. A thought provoking wordsmith with a unique voice and presence, he must be heard!”