Towards A New Locality: Biennials and “Global Art” Hou Hanru

“Eventually contemporary art created from and for different localities but immediately involved with the swirl of global information, communication, and displacement can become an efficient means to resistance, interruption and deconstruction of the established, dominant, hegemonic power of global capitalism and its Ideology…

This Process, Inevitably affecting the global communication network, produces fragmentation, interrupting critical moments in the flow of communication and the production of value. It always plays the role of the other, an alternative to the “mainstream” voicing different and unexpected feelings, understandings , knowledge and projects. As a consequence, art works constantly create vacant spaces or voids. The works are then open to free interpretation, interactive participation by the public, and the constant reinvention of meanings through endless negotiations between different individual and collective experiences and aspirations on their equally endless journeys between the global and the local, between history and the present, between reality and projection.”

Towards A New Locality: Biennials and “Global Art” Hou Hanru